Bill Wiese

He Lived to Talk about Hell – Watch Video


In November, 1998 Bill Wiese was involved in an out-of-body experience that fell under the classification of a vision (as described in 2 Corinthians 12:1-2). In that experience, the Lord took Bill to hell even though he had been a Christian for 28 years. Afterwards, Bill began studying the subject of hell to determine if what he had seen first-hand could be backed up in God’s Word.

Based on his experience and love for God’s Word, Bill spent the next eight years studying hell in-depth and starting a ministry to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In 2006, his book 23 Minutes in Hell was published, and Bill and his wife continue to follow the Lord’s leading to impact the lives of Believers. It is their desire to see “at least one billion souls come to Christ and a healthy, reverential fear of the Lord restored to the Church.”

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Don Piper

He Experienced the Glories of Heaven – Watch Video


In 1989, Don Piper laid dying from a horrific car accident. A pastor, who was travelling behind Don’s car at the time of the accident, immediately rushed to Don to find him lying lifeless. Feeling a call from God, the pastor began to pray over Don’s body along that lonely road. After an hour and a half, as the pastor prayed over Don’s lifeless body, Don regained consciousness and began to sing.

Don was singing because even while his body lay lifeless inside the ruins of his car, Don had experienced the glories of heaven and the very real dimension of God’s reality—he had returned from the gates of Heaven!

And although it meant he had to endure 13 excruciating months of hospitalization, 34 major surgeries, and years of painful therapy and rehabilitation, Don’s near death experiences & testimony reminds us that human pain is not the final word.

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Akiane Kramarik


She Has Always Belonged to God – Watch Video


Akiane was only three-and-a-half years old when she began telling her mother about visions and dreams of different worlds and dimensions. She began sketching her visions to prove to her mother what she was seeing, and at the age of four she had a life-changing transformation that resulted in her family being brought to God.

By the age of six she began using pastel, and by the age of seven she painted magnificent acryclic masterpieces and began writing fully-conceived poetry that often accompanied the visions and impressions she painted.

Now, at age 16, Akiane travels the world painting soul-scapes (individual personal soul journeys) for people she meets from different cultures.

When asked about her religious belief, Akiane responds, “Nobody taught me who God was, I found God myself. He’s been there for me through the years. I don’t belong to any denomination of religion, I just belong to God.”

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Gerard Sybers

He Was Greeted Like a Beloved Son – Watch Video


One afternoon in December, 1993 Gerard Sybers started to feel ill. He was later taken to the hospital by paramedics when they were unable to revive him at home. After being given a dose of medicine at the hospital which resulted in an allergic reaction, Gerard went into anaphylactic shock and swallowed his tongue.

What he remembers from this event is praying and immediately seeing three angels who lifted him and carried him up. They relayed to Gerard, without speaking, that they were taking him to “the city of the Great King.” Almost immediately he saw the Great King who embraced him as though he were a long-lost beloved son.

When Gerard was asked if he would like to stay, he responded that he would, but was then told he needed to return to the world where he “would do great work.”

Gerard now tells everyone about his experience and feels that he is undeserving to have been in the Great King’s presence.

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Trudy Harris

She’s Heard Testimony about Glimpses of Heaven
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Trudy Harris knows first-hand that there’s far more to death than merely ceasing to live. As a Hospice nurse for more than 22 years, she’s cared for more than 40 patients who witnessed an incredible glimpse of Heaven as they neared the final hours and days of their time here on earth.

These patients allowed the veil of Heaven to be pulled back so they could enter — albeit briefly — and then return to share their experience with her, which she captured in the pages of her book, Glimpses of Heaven.

Trudy writes that, “As the physical body declines, the spiritual self becomes apparent and seems to yearn in a real and tangible way for someone or something greater than itself.”

Through her eye-witness encounters, Trudy firmly believes that most dying people come to experience unconditional love when they return “home,” a point that’s been supported by the repeated testimonies of her patients.

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Richard Sigmund

He Remembers “Moving Through a Cloud”
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After a tragic accident, doctors pronounced Richard Sigmund legally dead. Eight hours later, God miraculously brought him back to life while he was on the way to the morgue.

But it was during those hours when everyone thought he was dead that God allowed him to experience the glorious beauty, heavenly sounds, sweet aromas, and boundless joys of Heaven that await every Believer.

God then returned Richard back to earth with a mission — to tell the world what he saw. Richard then authored My Time in Heaven.

According to his eyewitness account, Richard first remembers feeling as though he were “in a veil,” followed by a sense of moving through a cloud and seeing colors of gold, purple, and amber. Then, after witnessing a bright light, he remembers strolling down Heaven’s streets where he spoke with Jesus, met people from the Bible as well as departed family members and friends, and saw angels playing with children.

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